The MSAA is the global governing body of the sport of SlamBall, ensuring a worldwide standard for the game’s format, equipment and training protocols. SlamBall LLC licenses the certified SlamBall format and IP, offering access to equipment programs, merchandising programs and MSAA licensed and certified trainers and the accompanying training program.

A territorial license requires an annual license fee, MSAA membership enrollment with accompanying dues and an initial court commitment.
slamball court diagram
SlamBall is not a small business opportunity and should not be undertaken without significant resources. SlamBall considers offers only from existing facility owners, established promoters with a track record and proven entrepreneurs with core competency in the sports or sports marketing space and/or key influence in specific markets.
Those wishing to hasten the development of SlamBall facilities in their communities should immediately tag in social media, call, email or visit in person the closest trampoline recreational centers nearby and let them know you want a real SlamBall court and program in your community. This is the quickest and fastest way to bring certified SlamBall to your area.